*tap tap* Is this thing on?

Hey guys! Long time no see, eh? I am not sure if anyone is even still actively playing or even cares if we are to return at this point but I wanted to pop in and say, I am SO sorry for the much longer then anticipated break. It was in no way intentional and well, real life can suck right? =P

1Up WILL be returning. There are a ton of things I need to clean up and stuff beforehand. I need to reach out to existing deck makers to see if they are still interested, add all the new game rounds like I've been wanting to do for months now, go through emails, etc. So basically - I am aiming for a July 3rd reopening I think. It should be enough time to get everything together I think lol. I do really need a co-owner though, someone to help with game rounds, emails, updates, member cards/decks, etc. I learned throughout this break, I really am at no point anymore in my life that I can keep up with everything alone anymore. So if there is someone interested in sharing the responsibility of 1Up with me - please reach out. If not - I will continue to do the best I can <3

If you have submitted any requests in my absence (member cards, member decks, donations, etc.) please feel free to resubmit. Gmail ate quite a few of my emails I think lol.

Anyway - I'm glad to be back, I hope others are happy to see us back and if so - please leave a comment so I know there are still people that are interested in playing :)

Thanks a bunch guys and missed you!

Posted on May 26, 2016 | 21 comments


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